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Despite the globalisation and the unlimited possibilities the European Union is offering it's still difficult to find the ideal solution in combined air- and oceanfreight logistics.


We are meeting this challenge with our long standing experience, our extensive know-how and excellent local and worldwide contacts. We offer reliable administrative and operative services.


Every tranpsort needs its special and exact planning to avoid the unforeseen. Our customers and their demands are always in our main focus. We discuss and clarify all important matters before transport starts. We provide overall and precise information by checking your requirements to present the best product on the transport market at the end.



Guenter Huber


  • working in the transport business since the late 1980's 
  • branch manager and shareholder of several international forwarding agencies in Austria 
  • specialist for difficult transport requests, delivery conditions, liabilites and insurance matters with AOeSp / CMR / CIM / HR / VR, transport damages and preventing from those 
  • Expert certified by Austrian Court in Transport Matters and Transport Damages 
  • motto #1: "yesterday" is gone, "now" is now, only "tomorrow" can be influenced 
  • motto #2: the maximum is the minimum 

Peter Eller


  • Organising transports already when he was young
  • Co-Founder of a local Forwarding Agency in Innsbruck in the 90s
  • Specialist for imports by air and sea, improving the transport chain, profound knowledge of customs matters
  • motto #1: "Look ahead!!".
  • motto #2: "I will optimize your transport as well!".
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